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5 Star Energy Solutions was created to help people save money and become more energy efficient.   The company is 100% family owned and operated.   All jobs are overseen by a family owner of the company.   We do not ‘farm out, or sub out’ our jobs like many of our competitors might try and accomplish.   We will not try and take on any job that we do not feel like we can complete efficiently and with perfection.   

At 5 Star Energy Solutions, one of our main goals is to have all of our customers eagerly refer us to their friends and family.   The only way to accomplish this level of awesome customer service is to demonstrate that without our customers’ satisfaction, we would be nothing.   

We will never sell a product that delivers empty results and we know our customers will feel the results of the work we perform.   Simply stated, we are proud of each and every project we complete, no matter the size.

Come see for yourself why 5 Star Energy Solutions is the best choice for comfort and peace of mind.

About 5 Star Energy Solutions


5 Star Energy Solutions mission is to help people save money and become more energy efficient.  

Our vision is to become the leading supplier of energy efficient and environmentally friendly insulation services in Connecticut.

Our success is established through exercising the following Core Values and Beliefs:

• Accountability
• Self-discipline
• Purpose-driven
• Optimism 

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