Have Questions?

You already know why you’ve chosen 5 Star Energy Solutions, but maybe you have some other questions or curiosities?

General FAQ

Most of the time, especially during business hours, within 1 hour.   If your request is outside of our normal 8AM to 5PM business day, M-F, it could take a little longer.   We are always going to do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Well, that kind of depends.   How large is your job, and is your job contained indoors?   Most jobs can be quoted, accepted, and completed within 7-10 days.   Certain larger jobs or spray foam jobs might take a bit longer depending upon how many customers are scheduled already, etc.   We ALWAYS try and accommodate a customer’s schedule whenever possible, sometimes even working outside of our normal schedule.

We will evaluate each environment on a case by case basis, and take the necessary steps to prevent any damage to your home – outside of the normal and mutually agreed upon scope of the work to be performed.   We will ensure our customer understands the process one step at a time.  Once the job is completed, we will remove any debris from our materials and clean the jobsite as should always be done.   Our team is professional.  We understand that we are sometimes working around a mainly or entirely finished space and we will take the necessary care to keep it looking as nice as possible!

We can show you!   We have air testing as well as thermal imaging cameras to be able to show you the before and after effects of our work performed!   If your heating system is running at its top level of performance and you keep wondering why you are spending so much money on fuel or electricity costs, chances are the problem is your insulation.   We can help!